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Quality above all

At Western Overseas we believe in providing the best possible quality of education to our students. Our faculty is rich with certified trainers from IDP, British Council and Pearson. They are not only provided with training by these reputed organizations but also go through intensive internal training to become masters of their craft. At Western Overseas students find the best tips and strategies catered to prepare them for the highest achievable score in these language proficiency tests. 

We provide students with the most advanced technologies in the classroom, with high-end computer labs, digital classrooms and resources, live master classes and online practice portals that students can use anytime for the optimal learning experience. Our curriculum is designed in a manner that doesn't rush students but caters to their needs in their own pace and time. We also specialize in providing one to one attention to each and every student and changing our teaching techniques that best fit these students. At Western Overseas students find updated practice material, specialised training and a confidence inspiring environment.

When people trust in a business it is important for that business to uphold the beliefs of its customer and provide solutions even in the most grimmest of times. When the entire world was stopped in its tracks, Western Overseas worked day and night to create the online infrastructure to reach people sitting in their homes and provide them with a quality solution for their IELTS and PTE coaching. Western Overseas became the most successful in the entire industry to try its hands at online coaching and went on to connect with thousands of students not only in India but throughout the globe. Today Western Overseas Online is a trending name in the industry.